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For those who are looking for meaningful pieces, a bit of magic and a burst of originality:


Olatz Zanguitu

A Piece of Oz es mi marca personal, un collage de patrones, estilos, disciplinas, de cosas que amo hacer.  Aunque es común pensar que todo ha sido creado, soy una apasionada de la originalidad y le inyecto mi ADN a todo lo que emprendo. Uniqueness it's inside all of us!



“Style - All who have it share one thing: ORIGINALITY”.

Diana Vreeland

Thriving beauty

"I like to find "allure" in everything I create. It's all about love & layering"  Oz

Much more than just fashion

I collect stories, talents as well as information. To me the most joyful thing is to be able to offer you guys something more than just fashion or a great style.  Many ancient feminine  archetypes have fascinated and inspired me through out my adult life. Is it the versatility of content and the story behind the pieces I create that really gives sense to all of what you are seeing on this website. 


Online Image Consultation

Get ready for upcoming events! Score those “must-have” pieces! I will help you create new outfits and find the perfect items within your budget, saving your precious time. 


My mission here is to help you identify and develop your signature style. Nothing trend-driven or “what all the cool girls are wearing” allowed. A style that is uniquely YOU!!


Give your closet a lift! One on one session Clean out, identify the gaps and re-merchandise with what you already have and some brand news. Give yourself a twist!

Modern fun poetry

I adore bold shapes, iridescent tones and different textures. Seeing all these elements blend in into one piece it's pure happiness to me   




My Story

Eternal student and passioned about mindfulness, I became a "start up" when  I was 17, at that moment of my life I was initiating a journey, today I’m starting my own brand. Living in NYC expanded my vision in a way... it was in that city where I nurtured my eclectic style and love for different cultures, tastes and of course fashion. 

I consider myself a junkie of originality and daringness in people. If it feels good you definitely can pull it off. Being able to express yourself through what we wear is an art and a virtue. Empowerment through image is something that I feel very passionate about, watching someone feeling amazing, fearless and unique in their own skin is absolutely priceless.