I collect stories, talents as well as information. To me the most joyful thing is to be able to offer you guys something more than just fashion or a great style. Many ancient archetypes have fascinated and inspired me throughout my adult life. You'd be amazed of how their feminine side could be related to fashion. I offer customized services based on your needs with a mindful and uncomplicated sense of style. I’m a big supporter of retail therapy and dressing to build your confidence.


Personal Styling

It’s time to embrace your own style. Feeling good and empowered is the ultimate goal here. I'll be delighted to prepare a special and cool selection of outfits and accessories for you, unique looks from amazing online and offline stores. With my help, you will learn how to save time and how to wear and give life to every piece of clothing in your wardrobe.



Online Consultation

Get ready for upcoming events! Score those “must-have” pieces! I will help you create new outfits and find the perfect items within your budget. After our online session, you will be provided with a mood board - pictures you can use as a reference that evoke the look we are trying to achieve. I will keep you posted on any key clothing staples that you’re missing. You will receive a detailed, personalized shopping list (including links to online resources) to help “fill in the blanks” of your wardrobe.

Closet Editing

For many of us, our closet is the most intimate space in our home. It’s a sacred place that holds some of our most treasured memories. But there are times when we desperately need a change - a rebirth. In order to do that we need to let go of the things we no longer use and make room for new stuff, experiences and energy. Using my keen sense of organization and knowledge of fashion trends, we can transform your cluttered closet into a more loveable space. Clean out: if your closet is stressing you out, you will love our Clean Out session. But before we can do that, you need to let go of the old stuff. If it doesn’t bring you joy - let it go! Identifying the gaps: what’s missing from your wardrobe? We’ll map your lifestyle and put together a shopping list of what you need to create a more balanced wardrobe.These experiences can be life changing.

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